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Configuring all necessary MSMQ registry parameters saves you from including MSMQADM in the OS design. For information about registry settings, see MSMQ Registry Settings.

Although some registry settings are optional, the following settings must be set for MSMQ to run.

To provide a minimal MSMQ implementation, set the following in the registry.

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	"BaseDir"="\TEMP\MSMQ" ; or wherever you want to keep MSMQ
	"CEStartAtBoot"=DWORD:1 ; start MSMQ at boot time
	"DefaultQuota"=DWORD:300 ; limit on outgoing queues in
	"PingPort"=DWORD:0x00000DC7 ; 3527 – do not change this!
	"Port"=DWORD:0x00000709 ; 1801 – do not change this!
	"QueueManagerGUID"=HEX:... ; 16 bytes of QM GUID.
	This number must be unique, use standard GUID generation
	 to obtain it.
	"CETrackNetwork"="Yes" ; not really required but highly advised

Without MSMQADM.EXE, you cannot dynamically start and stop the MSMQ service. However, if the CEStartAtBootvalue of the MSMQ registry entry is set to 0 (zero), MSMQ will not start at the next reboot time.

For more information about registry settings, see MSMQ Registry Settings.

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