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Effectively hides the window (if it was visible).


virtual HRESULT InactivateWindow( );



Return Value

Returns NOERROR if successful; S_FALSE if the window is not currently active.


The base window class creates a window and a worker thread.

The worker thread is responsible for pulling messages from the window's input queue and dispatching them as appropriate.

The window and its thread are created by CBaseWindow::PrepareWindowand destroyed in CBaseWindow::DoneWithWindow.

The window should be initialized through CBaseWindow::InitialiseWindowand uninitialized through CBaseWindow::UninitialiseWindow.

Having prepared a window and initialized it, the window can be sized using CBaseWindow::ActivateWindowand subsequently hidden using CBaseWindow::InactivateWindow.


Windows Embedded CE Windows CE 2.12 and later
Note Microsoft DirectShow applications and DirectShow filters have different include file and Library requirements
For more information, see Setting Up the Build Environment,
Version 2.12 requires DXPAK 1.0 or later