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The Connection Idheader is always used with Getrequests. This header identifies the connection identifier returned in the connect response. If a connect command was not issued, a default connection is assumed.

The following optional headers are used with the Getrequest packet:

  • Namespecifies the name of the object to get. If this value is not specified, the default object is assumed. If there is more than one object on the server, this value is required.

  • Typespecifies the object type. If this value is not specified, the default object is assumed.

The final bit in a Getrequest identifies the last header packet describing the object. All subsequent Getrequests must set the final bit until the operation completes.

The following headers are included in the Getresponse packet:

  • Nameidentifies the name of the object being returned, if applicable.

  • Lengthdefines length of the object being returned.

  • Timeincludes the header timestamp information.

  • Typedefines the object type.

  • Bodyincludes data.

  • EndOfBodymarks the end of the body.

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