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When operating system developers include the MGFE component in a run-time image, the DrawTextfunction applies Asian line breaking rules to the range of Unicode Asian characters. Windows Embedded CE provides default rules for Kinsoku, double–byte character set (DBCS), half–width Katakana, and ASCII English characters. A string will not break on one of these characters.

In effect, Windows Embedded CE uses the following registry settings to control line breaking:

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If you want to use a different type of line breaking, you can override the settings in the Project.reg registry file. The following examples show how to modify line breaking.

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one or more characters>
one or more characters>
start character>\<
end character>

Replace the one or more charactersvariable with a list of one or more characters that should not be placed at the beginning of a line of text, for the DONTBEGINentry, or at the end of a line of text, for the DONTENDentry. To specify the DBCS characters, use the format shown in the first example in this section.

You must express the start characterand end charactervalues in hexadecimal. These values specify the start and end characters of a continuous range of Unicode characters. Line breaking will not occur for any character within the specified range. You can specify one or more ranges of values.

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