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The OlMeetingStatusFlagsenumeration identifies the meeting status of an Appointmentitem using a series of flag constants. These values can be combined using the logical ORto create a bitmask.


enum OlMeetingStatusFlags {
	olMeetingFlag   = 1,
	olReceivedFlag  = 2,
	olCanceledFlag  = 4,
	olForwardedFlag = 8



The Appointment item is actually a Meeting, and has a list of scheduled attendees.


The meeting request has been received and accepted by at least one of the recipients.


The meeting owner has canceled the meeting.


The meeting request was forwarded by another attendee, on behalf of the meeting owner.


To maintain parity with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, Outlook Mobile meeting status constants are represented as a series of flag constants rather than enumerated values (as there had been prior to the release of Windows Mobile 6.5). This update brings Outlook Mobile inline with Microsoft Exchange and desktop Outlook.


Header pimstore.h
Library Pimstore.lib
Windows Mobile Windows Mobile 6 Classic and later, Windows Mobile 6 Professional and later, Windows Mobile 6 Standard and later

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For information on how Microsoft Exchange and Outlook handle meeting status, see OL: The "MeetingStatus" Value of Canceled Appointments .

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