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The menu bar is a combination toolbar and menu that displays menu items and toolbar commands on Windows Mobile Professional and Windows Mobile Classic. Obtained by calling the SHCreateMenuBarfunction, the menu bar appears at the bottom of the device screen.

An Input Panelbutton displays and hides the input panel, a user interface element that contains either a keyboard or handwriting recognition display. Users operate the input panel by using a touch screen and a stylus. To switch from one input method to another, users tap the input panel selector button. The icon on the Input Panelbutton changes to reflect the current input method. For more information about programming applications to use the input panel, see Software-based Input Panel Reference.

On the Home screen, the menu bar replaces the Input Panelbutton with an area that displays system control icons. The icons in this area indicate that a user notification is active, and the area can contain up to six icons at a time.

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