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The FDRM engine UI is used to inform users of FDRM-protected content use status. The FDRM engine UI recommendations in this section are intended to help you when designing an FDRM engine or evaluating a third-party FDRM engine such as an OMA DRM V1 engine. Illustrations are provided as visual examples of how the centralized FDRM engine UI might appear. You are not required to follow the exact UI flows shown in the examples, but FDRM rules must be adhered to.

An image thumbnail should be no larger than 1.5 centimeters x 1.5 centimeters.

In Windows Mobile software, the Internet Explorer Mobile Save Aslocation UI is used so that the user can determine where they want the content stored.

In This Section

Function Calls Associated with FDRM Engine UI Images

Describes the Windows Mobile software FDRM functions associated with each image set.

Flow Diagram Examples for Using FDRM-Protected Content

Provides examples of the FDRM engine UI flow when using the Windows Mobile software FDRM API with FDRM-protected content.

Recommended UI Provided by the FDRM Engine

Provides recommendations on the FDRM engine UI visual components.