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The following example code is a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Connectivity Bootstrap configuration file with necessary connectivity configuration settings.

For information about the message format see WAP Push Message Format. The characteristics of the file and their parms are described in detail in the following sections: PXLOGICAL Configuration Service Providerand NAPDEF Configuration Service Provider.

This document covers device support for standard WAP connectivity parms defined in the OMA Provisioning Content specification Version 1.1 (OMA-WAP-ProvCont-v1_1-20050428-C). The specification is located at this OMA Web site .

Windows Mobile devices accept only Universal Transformation Format 8 (UTF-8) encoded provisioning XML.

Code Example

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<wap-provisioningdoc version="1.1">
   <characteristic type="PXLOGICAL">
	<parm name="PROXY-ID" value=""/>
	<parm name="NAME" value="WAP Network 1"/>
	<parm name="STARTPAGE"
	<characteristic type="PXPHYSICAL">
		 <parm name="PHYSICAL-PROXY-ID" value="WAP PROXY 1"/>
		 <parm name="DOMAIN" value=""/>
		 <parm name="PXADDR" value="XXXXXXX"/>
		 <parm name="PXADDRTYPE" value="E164"/>
		 <parm name="TO-NAPID" value="WAP Dialup 1"/>
		 <characteristic type="PORT">
			<parm name="PORTNBR" value="9203"/>
	 <characteristic type="NAPDEF">
		<parm name="NAPID" value="WAP Dialup 1"/>
		<parm name="BEARER" value="GSM-CSD"/>
		<parm name="NAME" value="ANY NAME 1"/>
		<parm name="NAP-ADDRESS" value="+XXXXXXXXXXX"/>
		<parm name="NAP-ADDRTYPE" value="E164"/>
		<characteristic type="NAPAUTHINFO">
		 <parm name="AUTHTYPE" value="PAP"/>
		 <parm name="AUTHNAME" value="wapuser"/>
		 <parm name="AUTHSECRET" value="wappassw"/>


For the device to decode correctly, provisioning XML that contains the APPLICATION characteristic must support OMA Client Provisioning version 1.1.

For information about the provisioning file syntax for different OMA Client Provisioning versions, see OMA Client Provisioning Files.

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