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This structure represents an LDAP session. Typically, a session corresponds to a connection to a single server. However, in the case of referrals (beginning with LDAP 3), an LDAP session may encompass several server connections.


typedef ldap LDAP, *PLDAP;




Call ldap_get_optionor ldap_set_optionto access or change the values in this structure.

An LDAP structure is an opaque data type that is allocated and initialized by a call to ldap_init, cldap_open, or ldap_open. Subsequent LDAP calls pass a handle to this structure, which maintains the state of an LDAP session for the duration of the connection. When the session ends, call ldap_unbindto destroy the connection handle.


Header winldap.h
Windows Embedded CE Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later
Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and later

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