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This function creates a new user notification or modifies an existing one.


HANDLE CeSetUserNotificationEx(



[in] Handle to the notification to overwrite or 0 to add a new notification.


[in] Pointer to a CE_NOTIFICATION_TRIGGERstructure that defines what event activates a notification.


[in] Pointer to the CE_USER_NOTIFICATIONstructure that defines how the system should respond when a notification occurs. For example, the system could launch a dialog box or another application.

Return Value

Returns a handle to the notification object if successful. This handle can then be used with the other Notify functions. Returns NULL if unsuccessful.


Notifications which are time-bound will be deleted once the time passes. For event-based notifications, the notification won't disappear after the event is triggered. The user has to manually delete the notification using CeClearUserNotification.

If the scheduled time lies within the platform-dependent period defined by the accuracy of the real-time clock (RTC), the notification may be scheduled immediately. The accuracy may be retrieved by IOCTL_KLIB_GETALARMRESOLUTION and may range from 1 to 60 seconds. If the platform does not implement IOCTL_KLIB_GETALARMRESOLUTION, the default RTC accuracy of 10 seconds is assumed.

If pcnt->dwTypeis set to CNT_EVENT, the pceunparameter should be set to NULL. Otherwise the function call will fail and return ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER.

To delete a notification and release the handle, use the handle returned by CeSetUserNotificationExin a call to CeClearUserNotification. To overwrite a notification, use the returned handle in another call to CeSetUserNotificationEx.


Header notify.h
Library coredll.lib
Windows Embedded CE Windows CE 2.12 and later
Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and later

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