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The Windows Sockets Transport SPI is similar to the Windows Sockets API in that all of the basic socket functions appear. When a new Winsock 2.2 version of a function and the original Winsock 1.1 version of a function both exist in the API, only the new version will show up in the SPI, as shown in the following examples:

The following list shows other functions that are collapsed into the enhanced versions in SPI:

Support functions like htonl, htons, ntohl, and ntohsare implemented in Ws2.dll, and are not passed down to service providers. The same holds true for the WSA versions of these functions.

Because error codes are returned along with SPI functions, equivalents of WSAGetLastErrorand WSASetLastErrorare not needed in the SPI.

The event object manipulation and wait functions including WSACreateEvent, WSACloseEvent, WSASetEvent, and WSAResetEventare mapped directly to native OS services and thus are not present in the SPI.

The TCP/IP-specific name conversion and resolution functions ,such as getXbyYas well as gethostnameare implemented within Ws2.dll in terms of the new name resolution facilities. Conversion functions, such as inet_addrand inet_ntoa, are implemented within Ws2.dll.

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