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Provisioning is the first step toward managing a target device. It involves the following steps:

  1. Install a security certificate, if necessary.

    The recommended way of communicating with the device management server is over a secure channel. This means that the HTTPS protocol should be used instead of HTTP. To enable this, the target device must have the root certificate. If the server is signed by one of the root certification authorities whose root certificates are already available on the target device, then no extra certificates are necessary. If the user's organization uses a private or internal root certification, then the target device should be provisioned with the requisite root certificate. The certificate may be distributed through a storage card or from a network location. In either case, the certificate must be installed on the target device using the Certificatesmenu in Control Panel or in a manner described by your administrator. For more details, refer to your device management server documentation.

  2. Register the target device with the management server.

    The target device needs to be registered with the management server prior to the first Poll. This step involves sending the device identifier to the management server in the following format:

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    This is available in Control Panel. Please refer to the Control Panel documentation for more details. Once this step is done, an automatic Poll is scheduled by the utility to the management server.

  3. Start the first Poll to the server.

    In the supplied Control Panel, this is usually done automatically once the provisioning action is chosen. If not choose the Poll action to poll the server immediately. If these options are unavailable please contact your administrator.

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