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This method is implemented to create the windows and image list for the input method (IM).


HRESULT Select( 



Handle to the software-based input panel window. The IM usually creates a child window of this software-based input panel window to access the software-based input panel window's WindowProcfunction. The IM is responsible for drawing the entire client area of the software-based input panel window.

Return Value

Return S_OK to indicate success. Return the appropriate HRESULTvalue to indicate failure.


An IM receives this call when it has been selected by the software-based input panel. The IM should perform any necessary initializations. The software-based input panel calls this function during the initialization of the IM, along with GetInfo, ReceiveSipInfo, and RegisterCallBack.


Header sip.h
Library uuid.lib
Windows Embedded CE Windows CE 2.12 and later
Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and later

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