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OTA Firmware Update

Persisting an OMA DM Session during Update

If power is lost or the device goes out of service during an OMA DM update, Windows Mobile 6.5 saves the device state to resume the session when possible. This new functionality helps make sure that the device is not left in a half-configured state, and the mobile operator does not need to retry the update session from the beginning.

This functionality applies only to firmware update sessions. It does not apply to application updates.

OTA Firmware Update while Roaming

In Windows Mobile 6.5, mobile operators can use the push capability of OTA Firmware Update to send updates to users, even roaming users. System Center Mobile Device Manager (MDM) can push non-roaming updates concurrently with roaming updates.

Using configuration service providers, mobile operators can configure the default device behavior to be the same for all firmware updates.

The device updates will continue to reboot the phone. Therefore, the delay reboot option will continue to be offered so the user can choose when to take the phone offline.

Silent OTA Firmware Update

Mobile operators now have the option to push updates to mobile devices without user intervention. Although this feature bypasses the user downloading an OTA Firmware Update, the user has the option to cancel or accept the update. The update does not install automatically.


You can customize OTA Firmware Update as follows:

  • Configure the behavior of the pop-up message boxes that appear for low-, medium-, and high-priority service-indication (SI) messages.

  • Specify the time interval in minutes during which the device will retry a download job.

  • Create a customized application to display a message before Windows Update runs that informs users that they may incur packet communication charges.

  • Customize the message that appears when the user installs an OTA firmware update download package.

OTA Firmware Update Registry Settings

The timeout setting determines how long the download agent will allow for an over-the-air (OTA) firmware update. If the relevant timeout registry setting is exceeded, the download agent will stop its attempts to download firmware and return an error. Until the setting is exceeded, the agent will continue to retry using exponential retry logic.

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