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The HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SNMP\Parameters\ExtensionAgentskey describes the extension agents to load. The following table shows the named value.

Value : type Description

Unique _#: REG_SZ

Default is not set in the registry.

Registry subkey that contains the parameters for the extension agents. The backslashes must be used in pairs (\\).

The following example shows how to define the extension agents.

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"1" = "SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\MIBII\\CurrentVersion"
"2" = "SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\HostMIB\\CurrentVersion"
"3" = "SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\MyMIB\\CurrentVersion"

The following table shows the registry settings for the subagent key, as listed in the preceding key.

Registry key Type Value Default Description



The name of your extension-agent DLL. Pathnameis not required in Windows Embedded CE.



Not applicable.

Contains the name of the extension agent DLL that the master agent should load.

Other parameters



Not applicable.

Place any other parameters here that your extension agent might want to read from the registry.

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