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CryptoAPI is the API set that enables developers to add security that is based on cryptography to applications. CryptoAPI includes functionality for encoding to and decoding from ASN.1, encrypting and decrypting data, authentication using digital certificates, and digital certificate management using certificate stores. CryptoAPI supports both PKI and symmetric key cryptography.

CryptoAPI for Windows CE 5.0 fulfills the requirements for Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS). For more information, see FIPS Compliance.

In This Section

Encryption and Decryption

Describes the encryption and decryption process as it relates to cryptography.

Microsoft Cryptographic System

Provides information about the Microsoft Cryptographic System.

Using Basic Cryptography Services

Describes the basic cryptography tasks and when applicable, provides information about the APIs that can be used to achieve these tasks.

Protected Store

Describes how a protected store can help to protect your data, and the protected store APIs that take the user's logon credentials to lock and unlock the private data.

About Cryptographic Service Provider

Describes the Cryptographic Service provider (CSP), and also explains the steps you should follow if you are implementing a custom CSP.

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Provides information about how you can use the cryptography functionality to enable application developers to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data.