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DirectShow provides many debugging functions and macros. It also includes the following classes that aid in debugging filter development:

The following diagram illustrates these classes.

CDispBasicconverts the m_PStringmember to the proper string size.

CDispprovides a constructor that sets the CDispBasicclass's m_PStringmember to a string describing some relevant debugging information about the object used as a parameter to the constructor.

For example, when constructed with an IPinpointer, m_PStringreturns the name of the pin; when constructed with a CLSID, m_PStringreturns a string representation of it.

The class also provides an LPCTSTRcast operator that returns the value of m_PString, so the class can be cast as an LPCTSTRvalue to return the string when constructed.

CGuidNameListimplements an array of globally unique identifier (GUID) names in the Uuids.h include file. This enables you to retrieve the GUIDname for a media type.