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A machine inventory report consists of sending a report of the current target device machine inventory. The MachineInventorySettingsXML element in the server response to device poll message determines whether or not to send this report to the server.

The default DLL file Dminfos.dll specified in the device management client registry settingsfile determines what information is contained in the machine inventory report. An OEM can add to or replace this file by a customized DLL. In case of multiple DLL files, a concatenated inventory report is generated.

Machine Inventory Report XML elements

The following table shows the machine inventory report XML elements.

Element Description


Root element of the hardware inventory report.


Used to describe file system directories currently on the client system.


Used to describe the files that exist on the client system.

Machine Inventory Report XML Schema

The following XML schema is recommended.

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<Inventory type="Type of inventory">
  <InventoryItem name="Name of inventory">
	<Property name="Name of inventory item">"Value of the
inventory item"</Property>

Machine Inventory Report Example

The following code example shows a machine inventory report. Note that the name attribute for the InventoryItemand Propertyelements must be given exactly as shown below. There is also no constraint on the number of times a particular inventory item appears. For example, a target device with external storage can report multiple instances of InventoryItemwith the name attribute set to "Device_FileSystem".

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X-Device-Action: Report
X-Device-ReportType: MachineInventory
<Inventory type="machine">
  <InventoryItem name="Device_System">
	<Property name="PlatformType>H/PC</Property>
	<Property name="OEMInfo">Model
	<Property name="NumberOfProcessors">1</Property>
	<Property name="ProcessorArchitecture">1</Property>
	<Property name="ProcessorType">1</Property>
	<Property name="ProcessorLevel">4</Property>
	<Property name="ProcessorRevision">3245</Property>
	<Property name="ISA">123</Property>
  <InventoryItem name="Device_OS">
	<Property name="Platform">2</Property>
	<Property name="MajorVersion">4</Property>
	<Property name="MinorVersion">1</Property>
	<Property name="BuildNumber">987</Property>
	<Property name="AdditionalInfo">More
  <InventoryItem name="Device_Network">
	<Property name="IPAddress"></Property>
	<Property name="IPSubnet"></Property>
	<Property name="Bandwidth">1000</Property>
  <InventoryItem name="Device_Power">
	<Property name="AC">1</Property>
	<Property name="Battery">2</Property>
	<Property name="BatteryPercent">56</Property>
	<Property name="Backup">2</Property>
	<Property name="BackupPercent">7</Property>
  <InventoryItem name="Device_Display">
	<Property name="VerticalResolution">480</Property>
	<Property name="NumberOfColors">16784</Property>
  <InventoryItem name="Device_Memory">
	<Property name="Total">21464</Property>
	<Property name="Program">4680</Property>
	<Property name="ProgramFree">16784</Property>
	<Property name="Storage">16784</Property>
	<Property name="StorageFree">16784</Property>
  <InventoryItem name="Device_FileSystem">
	<Property name="Name">Programs</Property>
	<Property name="Size">4680</Property>
	<Property name="UsedSpace">16784</Property>

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