Microsoft Windows CE 3.0  


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Returns one of the media types that the output pin supports (pure virtual).

virtual HRESULT GetMediaType(  
*pMediaType  ) 


Position of the media type in the media type list.
Returned media type object.

Return Values

Returns an HRESULTvalue by the overriding member function. It returns VFW_S_NO_MORE_ITEMSwhen asked for a media type beyond the position list. It might return S_FALSE to indicate that the media type exists but is not currently usable. In this case, the IEnumMediaTypes::Nextmethod skips this media type.


The derived class is responsible for implementing this member function and maintaining the list of media types that it supports.

The base transform class assumes that only the output pin proposes media types, because the output pin depends on the type of connection of the input pin. For this reason, it is only the CTransformOutputPin::GetMediaTypemember function of the output pin that is routed to this function.