Microsoft Windows CE 3.0  

CGenericList Class

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CGenericListis a template class that allows for a type-specific implementation of a list. It is derived from CBaseListand uses that class's typeless implementation. The constructor creates a CBaseListobject, and all CGenericListmember functions call CBaseListmember functions but provide type-checking dependent on the template.

Member Functions

AddAfter Inserts a node or list of nodes after the specified node.
AddBefore Inserts a node or list of nodes before the specified node.
AddHead Inserts a node or list of nodes at the front of the list.
AddTail Appends a node or list of nodes to the end of the list.
CGenericList Constructs a CGenericListobject.
Find Returns the first position that contains the specified object.
Get Returns the object at the specified position.
GetCount Returns the number of objects (object count) in the list.
GetHead Returns the object at the head of the list.
GetHeadPosition Returns a cursor identifying the first element of the list.
GetNext Returns the specified object and update position.
GetTailPosition Returns a cursor identifying the last element of the list.
Remove Removes the specified node from the list.
RemoveHead Removes the first node in the list.
RemoveTail Removes the last node in the list.