Microsoft Windows CE 3.0  

CBaseBasicVideo Class

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The CBaseBasicVideoclass handles the IDispatchcomponent of the IBasicVideointerface and leaves the properties and methods pure virtual.

The IDispatch::GetIDsOfNames, IDispatch::GetTypeInfo, IDispatch::GetTypeInfoCount, and IDispatch::Invokemethods are standard implementations of the IDispatchinterface using the CBaseDispatchclass (and a type library) to parse the commands and pass them to the pure virtual methods of the IBasicVideointerface.

Member Functions

CBaseBasicVideo Constructs a CBaseBasicVideoobject.

Implemented INonDelegatingUnknown Methods

NonDelegatingQueryInterface Returns a specified reference-counted interface.

Implemented IDispatch Methods

GetIDsOfNames Maps a single member and an optional set of parameters to a corresponding set of integer dispatch identifiers, which can be used during subsequent calls to the IDispatch::Invokemethod.
GetTypeInfo Retrieves a type-information object, which can retrieve the type information for an interface.
GetTypeInfoCount Retrieves the number of type-information interfaces provided by an object.
Invoke Provides access to properties and methods exposed by an object.