Microsoft Windows CE 3.0  


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Enables sent messages to be processed while waiting for an event to be signaled or for the indicated time-out to occur.

BOOL WaitMsg(


Optional time-out value, represented in milliseconds. The default is INFINITE.

Return Values

Returns TRUE if the event is signaled, or FALSE if the time-out occurred.


Call CAMMsgEvent::WaitMsgrather than CAMEvent::Waitif you want to block on a time-out or a signaled event and continue to process sent messages. If you do not process messages and another thread sends you a message, deadlock could occur. For example, if you create a thread by way of the Win32 CreateThreadfunction and then block until the thread can initialize, deadlock will occur if the thread sends a message to your window using the Win32 SendMessagefunction. This is because SendMessagedoes not return until the message has been processed. CAMMsgEvent::WaitMsgallows SendMessageto return to the caller by using a Win32 PeekMessageloop to do message processing.