Microsoft Windows CE 3.0  

CAMEvent Class

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The CAMEventclass is an event object that can be set and waited on to provide interthread synchronization. This is currently implemented by using the Microsoft Win32 Eventapplication programming interfaces (APIs).

Events can be created as manual-reset or automatic-reset, and will always be created as not set (nonsignaled state). They can also be cast to handles so as to be passed to the Win32 WaitForMultipleObjectsfunction.

Protected Data Members

m_hEvent Microsoft Win32 event handle.

Member Functions

CAMEvent Constructs a CAMEventobject.
Check Returns TRUE if the event is currently set, but does not block.
Reset Forces the event into a nonsignaled state.
Set Puts the event into a signaled state.
Wait Blocks until the event is signaled, or until an optional time-out occurs.
operator HANDLE Gets the HANDLEobject.