Microsoft Windows CE 3.0  

Alphabetical DShow Class Reference

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This section contains reference entries for all the Microsoft DirectShow C++ classes, their data members, and their methods.

CAggDirectDraw CAggDrawSurface CAMEvent
CAMMsgEvent CAMSchedule CAMThread
CAutoLock CBaseAllocator CBaseBasicVideo
CBaseControlVideo CBaseControlWindow CBaseDispatch
CBaseFilter CBaseInputPin CBaseList
CBaseMediaFilter CBaseObject CBaseOutputPin
CBasePin CBaseReferenceClock CBaseRenderer
CBaseStreamControl CBaseVideoRenderer CBaseVideoWindow
CBaseWindow CBasicAudio CCritSec
CDisp CDispBasic CEnumMediaTypes
CEnumPins CFactoryTemplate CGenericList
CGuidNameList CLoadDirectDraw CMediaControl
CMediaEvent CMediaPosition CMediaSample
CMediaType CMemAllocator CMsg
CMsgThread COARefTime COutputQueue
CPosPassThru CPullPin CQueue
CRefTime CRendererInputPin CRendererPosPassThru
CSource CSourcePosition CSourceSeeking
CSourceStream CSystemClock CTransformFilter
CTransformInputPin CTransformOutputPin CTransInPlaceFilter
CTransInPlaceInputPin CTransInPlaceOutputPin CUnknown
CVideoTransformFilter FOURCCMap