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Disabling Thread Library Calls

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Multithreaded applications can become quite large and complex. To increase the efficiency of your code, Windows CE 3.0 exposes the DisableThreadLibraryCallsfunction. DisableThreadLibraryCallsdisables the DLL_THREAD_ATTACH and DLL_THREAD_DETATCH notification calls from a specified dynamic-link library (DLL) module. By disabling the notifications for a DLL, Windows CE does not page in the DLL initialization code when creating or deleting a thread.

Use DisableThreadLibraryCallsin multithreaded applications that have many DLL calls, that frequently create and delete threads, or whose DLLs do not require thread-level attachment and detachment notification. You can also disable thread notification when you do not need to track a thread. To disable thread tracking, call DisableThreadLIbraryCallsin the code that responds to a DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH message.

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