Microsoft Windows CE 3.0  

Testing your Installation

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The CETCHA program implements a drawing board that can be shared by two networked computers. After installing MSMQ on your Windows CE device, you can use the CETCHA sample program to verify that the MSMQ is working properly:

  1. Install the server-side sample program, DETCHA.EXE, on a computer that is connected to your Windows CE device and that is running Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000, with MSMQ installed.

    - or -

    Install the CETCHA program on another Windows CE device that is known to have MSMQ installed and configured correctly.

  2. Start the DETCHA (or CETCHA) program on the first device. Choose OKin response to the first dialog box. When the main window opens, choose Serverfrom the Filemenu.
  3. Start the CETCHA program on the Windows CE computer that you want to test. Choose OKin response to the first dialog box. When the drawing surface appears, choose File, choose Queue, and then enter the name of the server (use the name only, without the UNC prefix "\\").
  4. Begin drawing in the drawing area on your test machine. If your MSMQ installation is correct, the image will appear on the drawing area of the server machine and be reflected back to the Windows CE machine being tested.
  5. Control-clickclears the screen.