Microsoft Windows CE 3.0  

Summary of Supported Interfaces

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COM Interfaces

The following interfaces are available on Windows CE platforms that support COM.

IAdviseSink IOleAdviseHolder
IBindCtx IOleClientSite
IClassFactory IOleObject
ICreateErrorInfo IPersist
ICreateTypeInfo IPersistStorage
ICreateTypeInfo2 IRootStorage
ICreateTypeLib IStorage
ICreateTypeLib2 IStream
IDispatch ISupportErrorInfo
IErrorInfo ITypeLib
ILockBytes ITypeLib2
IMalloc IUnknown
IMoniker IViewObject

DCOM Interfaces

The following interfaces are available only on Windows CE platforms that support DCOM.

IClassActivator IMultiQI
IClassFactory2 IParseDisplayName
IClientSecurity IPersistFile
IConnectionPoint IPersistMemory
IConnectionPointContainer IPersistStream
IEnumConnectionPoints IPersistStreamInit
IEnumConnections IROTData
IEnumMoniker IRunnableObject
IExternalConnection IRunningObjectTable
IFillLockBytes ISequentialStream
IMarshal IServerSecurity
IMessageFilter IStdMarshalInfo