Microsoft Windows CE 3.0  

Installing MSMQ Using the VISADM Utility

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MSMQADM.EXE uses a console interface but not all Windows CE platforms include a console device driver. Therefore, to use MSMQADM.EXE on one of these platforms you must supply registration commands on its command line and redirect output to the file. The sample program VISADM.EXE does just that.

VISADM.EXE is a dialog box with an edit control that allows users to input MSMQADM commands as they would appear on the command line and view the output in a text box above. There is also a Shortcuts dialog box that automates several frequently used commands and allows you to view the MSMQ log file and MSMQ-specific registry entries.

To install MSMQ using the VISADM Utility

  1. Run VISADM.EXE.
  2. From the Shortcutsmenu, choose Install.
  3. From the Shortcutsmenu, choose Registerto create the registry entries.
  4. Reboot the computer.
  5. Test your installation.

    Other Commands Available from the Visadm Shortcuts Menu