Microsoft Windows CE 3.0  

Installing MSMQ on a Handheld PC

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The following instructions assume that you have already downloaded the MSMQ add-on pack, which contains the MSMQ application run-time files for the Handheld PC. Note that these redistributable files are covered under an end-user license agreement (EULA). For additional licensing information, see EULA.doc in the MSMQ add-on pack.

  1. From the redistr directory, pick the prepackaged module that is appropriate for your system and CPU.
  2. Copy this module to \Windows\Start Menu or \Windows\Desktop on your device.
  3. Run this module to install the drivers and MSMQ support programs.
  4. From the Startmenu, choose Programs, then choose MSMQto locate the VISADM utility.
  5. Run the program VISADM.EXE.
  6. From the Visadm Shortcutsmenu, choose Installto install the MSMQ service.
  7. From the Shortcutsmenu, choose Registerto create the registry settings.
  8. Reboot the device.
  9. Test your installation.