Microsoft Windows CE 3.0  

What's New in Windows CE 3.0

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Windows CE 3.0 offers improved Windows compatibility, combined with hard real-time processing support. New kernel services, such as support for nested interrupts, better thread response, additional task priorities, and semaphores, let the operating system respond immediately to events and interrupts. These real-time features make Windows CE 3.0 ideally suited for industrial applications such as robotics, test and measurement devices, and programmable logic controllers.

With greater storage and file-handling capabilities, interprocess communications, and networking support, Windows CE 3.0 interoperates easily with desktop environments that are based on Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft Windows 2000. This makes Windows CE 3.0 the optimal choice for an enterprise system that combines small mobile systems with high-performance desktops servers and workstations.

New hardware features for Windows CE 3.0 include: