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Windows CE ASP Components and Dependencies

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The ASP interpreter requires the Windows CE Web server to be active. The interpreter also requires availability of JScript, VBScript, or both.

The ASP interpreter is provided in three components, which the following table describes.

Component name Description Approximate size
Aspcore Required in all configurations. 35 KB
Aspcolct Collection objects. Needed to support accessing of Form, QueryString, and Cookie. 5 KB
Aspparse Supports header files and ASP Preprocdirectives. 5 KB
All components   45 KB

All size approximations are based on a retail version of this product that is compiled for the CEPC (Windows CE PC-based hardware development platform).

The Web server must have the Httpisapi, Httpextn, and Httpasp components included in order for ASP support to be enabled. The smallest Web server that can be built that still supports ASP functionality is approximately 28 KB. The Windows CE Web server with all of the components included is approximately 40 KB.

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