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It is possible to set access permissions on a per-virtual-root basis. In this way, specific users can be granted access to certain directories without allowing everyone access or having to add the users to the Administrative groups.

To do this, set the UserListvalue for the appropriate virtual root with the list of users and groups who either have access to it or are denied access to it. For more information, see Access Rights.



allows 'GladysL', 'AnnD', and the 'SomeGroup' group, but restricts the 'KimYos' user and the 'villains' group.

"*" or "@*" allows all users, and "-*" or "-@*" denies all users.

The string is interpreted sequentially; in other words, if 'GladysL' is a member of the 'Finance' group, the following strings will allow GladysL:

@ Finance
@ Finance;GladysL
GladysL;@ Finance
@ Finance;-GladysL
GladysL;-@ Finance
*;-GladysL;-@ Finance

The following strings will restrict GladysL:

-@ Finance
-GladysL;@ Finance
-@ Finance;GladysL
Note   '*' is a group and it must be marked as such in the list. It is possible that parsers understand both '@*' and '*' syntax, but they always use '@*' syntax.

Note that Administrators always have access to virtual roots with Aset to 1, even if they are not on the UserListfor that root and even if they are denied access explicitly in the UserListvalue.

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