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Retrieving Cache Entry Data

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The GetUrlCacheEntryInfofunction lets you retrieve the INTERNET_CACHE_ENTRY_INFOstructure for the specified URL. This structure contains the structure size, URL of the cached data, local file name, cache entry type, use count, hit rate, size, last modified, expire, last access, and last synchronized times, header data and header data size, and file extension.

GetUrlCacheEntryInfoaccepts a URL, a buffer for an INTERNET_CACHE_ENTRY_INFOstructure, and the buffer size. If the URL is found, the data is copied into the buffer. Otherwise, the function fails and GetLastErrorreturns ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND. If the buffer size is insufficient to store the cache entry data, the function fails and GetLastErrorreturns ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER. The size required to retrieve the data is stored in the buffer size variable.

GetUrlCacheEntryInfodoes not do any URL parsing, so a URL containing an anchor (#) is not found in the cache, even if the resource is cached. For example, if the URL was passed, the function would return ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND even if is in the cache.

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