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Header File Differences

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Windows CE ASP supports a subset of the support for header file that IIS supports. The basic syntax for including header files on Windows CE is identical to on the syntax for IIS. Both virtual and file keywords are supported.

Windows CE allows a maximum of 16 files to be included on one page. Attempts to include more than 16 files results in an error being returned to the client browser, and no script processing taking place.

Windows CE ASP provides no support for nested header files. For example, if an ASP page includes the file, and includes the file, is not read into the script. Instead, the #includeline that contained is sent to the client as regular HTML text.

There can be only one #includestatement per line. # includestatements must not be on the same line with processing directives, output directives, or script directives or with other #includestatements. Attempts to do so result in an error message informing the script writer of this condition, and no script text being executed.

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