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Base Registry Keys for Telnet

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The protected registry contains named values for telnetd configuration.

Note   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\COMM\TELNETDis a protected (access-restricted) registry key on some devices that run Windows CE 3.0 or later. Refer to the Windows CE Platform Builder documentation for more information about the protected registry.
Value Description
IsEnabled Set to 0 to disable the sample telnet server; otherwise, set to nonzero. If the telnet sample is started and this value is not present, this value defaults to accepting connections.
UseAuthentication Set to 0 to require a password check on the user; otherwise, set to nonzero. By default the telnet sample requires authentication. For more information, see Authentication and Security Considerations.
UserList List of users to grant or deny telnet access to. For more information, see User Lists.
Note   The telnet sample reads the values in the registry before servicing each request. Therefore, changes made to the registry take affect immediately and do not require the telnet sample to be stopped and restarted.

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