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Accessing Client Data without the ASPCOLCT Component

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You can access the raw input from the client browser even without having collection objects included as a component, although parsing is nontrivial. In particular, Web browsers use escape sequences to send certain characters, such as spaces, across the network. Handles within ASP automatically decode data that is sent from the browser when collection objects are used. However, if the data is accessed in its raw form, it becomes the responsibility of the script to handle this conversion. If you intend to write ASP pages that receive input from the client browser, it is recommended that you include the ASPCOLCTcomponent and use the built-in objects.

The query string can be accessed easily in raw form without collection objects through a call to the Request.ServerVariables("QueryString" ).

To access cookies that are sent by the browser, call the Request.ServerVariables("ALL_RAW" )method and remove the "Cookie:" value from the header.

To access POST data, call the Request.BinaryReadmethod. See the notes on Request.BinaryReadfor more information on this function.

To send cookies to the client, call the Response.AddHeadermethod with the nameparameter set to "Set-cookie" and the valueparameter set to the cookie name and value pairs.

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