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Surface Interfaces

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DirectDrawSurface objects expose their functionality through the IDirectDrawSurface, IDirectDrawSurface2, IDirectDrawSurface3, IDirectDrawSurface4, and IDirectDrawSurface5interfaces. Each new interface version provides the same utility as its predecessors, with additional options available through new methods.

When you create a surface by calling the IDirectDraw4::CreateSurfacemethod (or another creation method from IDirectDraw4), you receive a pointer to the surface's IDirectDrawSurface4interface. This behavior is different than previous versions of DirectX. Before the introduction of the IDirectDraw4interface, the CreateSurfacemethod provided a pointer to a surface's IDirectDrawSurfaceinterface. If you want to work with a different iteration (in particular IDirectDrawSurface5) of the interface, you must query for it. When using IDirectDraw4this isn't the case, although you are free to query a surface for a different iteration of an interface if you choose.

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