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Retrieving the Current Playback Position

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Monitor the current playback position within the data block by using the waveOutGetPositionor the waveInGetPositionfunction and the MMTIMEstructure. Use the MMTIMEstructure to represent time in one or more different formats, including milliseconds, samples, a MIDI song pointer, or the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) time formats. The wTypemember specifies the format that is used to represent time.

To retrieve the current playback position

  1. Set the wTypemember in the MMTIMEstructure to the preferred time format.
  2. Call waveOutGetPositionor waveInGetPosition.

    While calling this function, pass the MMTIMEstructure in the pmmtparameter.

  3. Check the wTypemember after the call to see whether the requested time format is supported.

    If the device does not support the time format, the device driver specifies the time in an alternate time format and changes wTypeto the selected time format.

    Most waveform audio devices support samples as the preferred time format. Thus, a waveform audio device usually describes its current position in a .wav file as the number of samples from the beginning of the waveform audio file.

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