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Palette Types

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DirectDraw on Windows CE only supports 8-bit (256 entry) palettes. A palette can only be attached to a surface that has a matching pixel format.

Additionally, you can create palettes that don't contain a color table at all, known as index palettes. Instead of a color table, an index palette contains index values that represent locations in another palette's color table.

To create an indexed palette, specify the DDPCAPS_8BITENTRIES flag when calling the IDirectDraw4::CreatePalettemethod. When you create an indexed palette, you pass a pointer to an array of bytes rather than a pointer to an array of PALETTEENTRYstructures. You must cast the pointer to the array of bytes to an LPPALETTEENTRYtype when you use the IDirectDraw4::CreatePalettemethod.

Note that DirectDraw does not dereference index palette entries during blit operations.

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