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Graphics and Multimedia

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The Graphics and Multimedia guide contains the following.

Working with Graphics

This describes the graphics device interface (GDI) included in Windows CE, including how to use GDI functions to draw lines, curves, closed figures, text, and bitmapped images. This chapter also discusses how to control the color and style of the items that you draw, and how to display the items on displays, printers, and other devices.

Working with Sound

This describes how to add sound to an application by using the PlaySoundfunction, or by using the Waveform Audio application programming interface (API).


This describes how to use the more advanced audio capabilities of the DirectSound API.


This describes how to use the advanced graphics capabilities available in the DirectDraw API.


This describes how DirectShow is used to support streaming as well as non-streaming media. Windows Media Technologies (WMT) is used for streaming.

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