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Sample Playback Program

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The following sample code plays a file. This example is a console application, so set the build target accordingly.

#include <streams.h> void __cdecl
main(void) { IGraphBuilder *pGraph; IMediaControl *pMediaControl;
CoInitialize(NULL); // Create the filter graph manager.
CoCreateInstance(CLSID_FilterGraph, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC,
IID_IGraphBuilder, (void **)&pGraph);
pGraph->QueryInterface(IID_IMediaControl, (void
**)&pMediaControl); // Build the graph. (IMPORTANT: Change
string to a file on your system.)
pGraph->RenderFile(L"\\Hello_World.avi", NULL); // Run the
graph. pMediaControl->Run(); // Block until the user clicks the
OK button. // The filter graph runs on a separate thread.
MessageBox(NULL, "Click me to end playback.", "DirectShow", MB_OK);
// Clean up. pMediaControl->Release(); pGraph->Release();
CoUninitialize(); }

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