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Blitting with Color Keys

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If you want to use color keys for surfaces when calling the IDirectDrawSurface5::BltFastmethod, you must set one or both of the DDBLTFAST_SRCCOLORKEY or DDBLTFAST_DESTCOLORKEY flags in the dwTransparameter.

In order to use colors keys when calling IDirectDrawSurface5:Blt, you pass one or both of the DDBLT_KEYSRC or DDBLT_KEYDEST flags in the dwFlagsparameter. Alternatively, you can put the appropriate color values in the ddckDestColorkeyand ddckSrcColorkeymembers of the DDBLTFXstructure that is passed to the method through the lpDDBltFxparameter. In this case you must also set the DBLT_KEYSRCOVERRIDE or DDBLT_KEYDESTOVERRIDE flag, or both, in the dwFlagsparameter, so that the selected keys are taken from the DDBLTFXstructure rather than from the surface properties.

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