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The S3Virge Sample Display Driver

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The S3 Virge sample driver has been updated for Windows CE 3.0. It supports additional emulated BLT functions for color expansion BLT operations where the source surface's color depth is less than the target surface's color depth. Color depth conversions of 1 to 8, 4 to 8, 1 to 16, and 4 to 16 are now supported.

The line drawing and pattern BLT code supports hardware acceleration when the brush is an 8x8 pixel bitmap. The driver still uses the software emulation routines for brushes of other sizes.

The driver supports additional S3 Virge chip sets. The list of supported chip sets is: S3 Virge DX, S3 Virge GX, and S3 Virge GX2. Note that the S3 Virge MX and S3 Virge VX chip sets may also work with this driver, but Microsoft has not tested those chip sets; if the chip ID numbers for the MX and VX chip sets fall into the proper ranges with respect to the ID number for the GX2 chip set, then they should work; the S3Virge sample display driver uses the chip ID number to determine what internal driver routines to use to control the chip set.

Note that the S3Virge sample display driver uses BLT routines instead of line routines for drawing lines wider than 1 pixel. This negatively impacts performance; applications that routinely draw wide lines using this display driver can consider turning off soft cursor support during large sequences of ROPs, or rewriting their application to draw multiple single-pixel wide lines.

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