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Required Entry Points for Stream Interface Driver DLLs

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For every stream interface driver DLL, the required entry points implement standard file I/O functions plus power management functions that are used by the Windows CE kernel. The following list shows the required entry points:

XXX_Close XXX_Deinit
XXX_Init XXX_IOControl
XXX_Open XXX_PowerDown
XXX_PowerUp XXX_Read
XXX_Seek XXX_Write

When you create a DLL, replace XXXin the entry-point names with a device file name prefix. For example, if your device file name prefix is "GPS," you will implement GPS_Close, GPS_Init, etc. Implementing XXX_PowerUpand XXX_PowerDownis optional.

Note: your implementations of these entry points must be declared for export from your DLL by placing the string __declspec(dllexport)in front of your function declaration. If you are developing in C++, your entry points must also be declared extern "C"as well. For example:

extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) DWORD
GPS_Init(DWORD dwContext);

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