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Registry Keys for PC Card Block Devices

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To detect removable block devices, the Device Manager initiates a detection sequence to determine the specific device type. A driver named MyDriver would use the registry entries shown in the following example. The Device Manager requires these keys to initiate the detection sequence.

SZ: Prefix = DSK SZ: Dll = MyDriver.DLL SZ: IOCTL = (DWORD)4 SZ:
FSD = FATFS.DLL SZ: Folder = My Folder [Detect] [20] SZ: Dll =
MyDriver.DLL SZ: Entry = MyDriverDetectdisk

The value of the Folderkey within the MyDriverkey is optional. Its value determines the folder names that are associated with file system volumes. The default name is Storage Card for the first volume, Storage Card2 for the second, and so on. For example, if you use the value of the Folderkey to change the folder name to My Folder, that is the name of the first device. The second folder is My Folder2,and so on. The Folderkey is read by the block device driver when the file system driver requests a folder name.

The subkey 20within the Detectkey is provided only as an example; it can be any other number. Its value determines the order in which the Device Manager tries the driver's MyDriverDetectdiskfunction relative to other drivers' detection functions when attempting to identify an unknown type of PC Card.

For more information see Registry Keys for Device Drivers.

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