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Registry Keys for Display Drivers

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When a Windows CE–based platform contains a display driver, it is automatically loaded by GWES at system startup. By default, GWES loads a driver named Ddi.dll. To change the name of the default display driver, use the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\GDI\Drivers\Displaykey to override the default display driver DLL name. The registry key should be placed in your Platform.reg file.


The device driver writer can optionally include a registry key that provides additional information about the driver. This information is not used by the GDI, but may be useful to applications. It may also be useful to the driver when it supports, for example, multiple resolutions, which a user can select from a Control Panel application that is provided by the display driver writer. In this case, the driver could examine the registry to determine which resolution to set when the display driver loads. The following example shows a registry key for a native display driver that supports a Color Graphix Voyager PCMCIA-based display device. The key stores the native driver's DLL name, screen size, and color depth.

Dll="PCARDVGA.DLL" CxScreen=Dword:280 CyScreen=Dword:F0

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