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Printer Driver Settings

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Settings for individual printer drivers are stored in subkeys of the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Printers\key. The registry key for a printer driver should define four keys: Driver, High Quality, Draft Quality, and Color. The Drivervalue names the DLL that contains the printer driver. The High Qualityand Draft Qualityvalues store the resolution of high-quality and draft-quality modes, if the printer supports them. Not all printers support a draft-quality mode, so the Draft Qualitykey may be omitted. The High Qualitykey must always be present, and it corresponds to the highest-quality mode of the printer. The Colorvalue defines whether a printer can print in color or only in monochrome. If color is supported, this key must be set to the literal string "COLOR" so that the common print dialog box enables color printing for applications. These printer driver settings are actually used by the page setup dialog, which is a common dialog in Windows CE, shared by all applications. Printer drivers themselves should not need to look in the registry to read these values; the appropriate values will be passed to the printer driver in a device capabilities structure

The following example shows settings for the PCL laser printer driver and the PCL Inkjet printer driver.

"Driver"="pcl.DLL" "High Quality"="300" "Draft Quality"="150"
"Color"="Monochrome" "Version"="0x200"
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Printers\PCL Inkjet] "Driver"="pcl.dll" "High
Quality"="300" "Draft Quality"="150" "Color"="Monochrome"

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