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PC Card Network Adapters

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PC Card Services handles all power management for PC Card NDIS miniports in Windows CE. This implies that the Windows CE Power-Down and Power-Up system events are transparent to NDIS miniport drivers. Upon Power-Down to the system, PC Card Services maintains state information and disables power to the PC Card socket. Upon power resume to the system, PC Card Services issues a card-removal notification for all PC Card sockets with inserted cards. Then, the system checks the socket status and issues card-insertion notification for each socket with a card. What this means to a miniport driver is that, upon Power-Up cycle, the driver is first unbounded and unloaded, and then reloaded and re-bound to the appropriate NDIS protocol.

In addition, note that a PC Card NIC may be removed at any time from the device, so the NDIS miniport driver should have timeouts on all operations that poll the card's registers.

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