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This function forwards a reset request to an underlying driver.

VOID NdisReset(


Pointer to a caller-supplied variable that is set on return from this function. The underlying driver determines which NDIS_STATUS_ XXXis returned, but it is usually one of the following values:
Value Description
NDIS_STATUS_SUCCESS The underlying driver reset its NIC or virtual NIC to its initial state.
NDIS_STATUS_PENDING The request is being handled asynchronously, and the caller's ProtocolResetCompletefunction will be called when it is completed.
NDIS_STATUS_RESET_IN_PROGRESS The underlying driver is currently resetting its NIC, so this request is superfluous. Moreover, the caller's ProtocolStatusfunction was or will be called with NDIS_STATUS_RESET_START to indicate that a reset is in progress.
NDIS_STATUS_NOT_RESETTABLE The underlying NIC cannot be reset by software commands.
NDIS_STATUS_ADAPTER_REMOVED or NDIS_STATUS_FAILURE The caller's binding is already closed, so no reset will be attempted for this caller.
NDIS_STATUS_CLOSING The caller's binding is currently being closed, so no reset will be attempted for this caller.
NDIS_STATUS_SOFT_ERRORS The underlying NIC driver reset the netcard, but one or more recoverable hardware errors occurred during this operation. The NIC driver has logged the error(s).
NDIS_STATUS_HARD_ERRORS The underlying NIC driver attempted to reset the netcard, but one or more unrecoverable hardware errors occurred during this operation. The NIC driver has logged the error(s).
NDIS_STATUS_NOT_ACCEPTED This value usually is a nonspecific default, returned when none of the more specific NDIS_STATUS_ XXXcaused NDIS or the underlying NIC driver to fail the request.
Handle returned by the NdisOpenAdapterfunction that identifies the target NIC or the virtual adapter of the next-lower driver to which the caller is bound.


The Windows CE version of this function always forwards reset requests to the underlying driver without waiting until the driver's internal queues have been cleared.

A driver that calls this function runs at IRQL <= DISPATCH_LEVEL.


Runs on Versions Defined in Include Link to
Windows CE OS 2.0 and later Ndis.h    
Note   This API is part of the complete Windows CE OS package as provided by Microsoft. The functionality of a particular platform is determined by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and some devices may not support this API.

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