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NDIS Token Ring Support

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The Windows CE 3.0 implementation of NDIS supports network adapters that are of a Token Ring medium type (802.5). The Token Ring support in Windows CE is a subset of the NDIS Token Ring implementation in Windows NT.

When a network adapter of Token Ring media type receives a data packet over the network, its miniport indicates the packet by calling the NdisMTrIndicateReceivefunction. This function notifies NDIS that a particular link has received a packet and that the packet is ready to be forwarded to the appropriately bound protocol driver.

After the complete packet has been transferred, the miniport must call the NdisMTrIndicateReceiveCompletefunction to notify NDIS that the transfer operation has been completed, even if a particular packet is accepted by no bound protocol. NdisMTrIndicateReceiveCompletenotifies any bound protocol that has already consumed the initial indication that it can begin postprocessing the received data.

The following list shows a list of supported APIs that apply directly to the Token Ring medium type.

Function Description
NdisMTrIndicateReceive Notifies NDIS that a Token Ring packet (or some initial look-ahead portion of the packet) has arrived, so that NDIS can forward the packet to bound protocols
NdisMTrIndicateReceiveComplete Notifies NDIS that a Token Ring receive packet, which was identified in a preceding call to the NdisMTrIndicateReceivefunction, has been transferred fully by the NIC, so that NDIS can notify the appropriate bound protocol drivers

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